Current Weather Forecast & Discussion

Updated 03/18/23

Good Mernin and happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is off to a splendiferous start. 

Here's a very brief update. 

A few scattered alpine snur showers can be expected in the mountains this weekend. I skied in a few of them yesterday and it was really cool watching them crest over the continental divide, so if you have plans to drive into the mountains this weekend, not expecting any travel headaches from weather other than volume 😆😆😆

Anyhoodles, I am seeing signals in the global models with support from the ensemble showing a return to an active weather pattern starting this upcoming week and potentially lingering into the end of March. 

As I've mentioned before, the drama is going to be in the details, so as we get closer, I'll handle one storm at a time. 

The first one will make its presence known around Tuesday with more mountain snow expected, but due to the track being more zonal (west to east), the expected impacts for the front range and eastern plains are a little unclear. I can probably guarantee more blowy wind. 😁😁

Be safe, stay healthy, and don't be dumb dumbs! and my basketball bracket is busted AF 

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